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Space Exploration vocabulary

Jamie Masters

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2.built in drop-away sections (2 Words)
4.objects that emit radio waves (2 Words)
7.an outflow of particles from a star (2 Words)
10.a type of telescope with a lens for the objective
11.a man-made orbiting object (2 Words)
12.carried by a rocket
16.using a planet's gravity to accelerate (2 Words)
18.an object seen in the sky (2 Words)
20.a model that places the sun at the center of the solar system
21.the Russian term for astronaut
22.turns at the same speed as the Earth
23.a grouping of stars that forms a pattern
1.the distance light travels in a year
3.the variety of energy waves from stars (2 Words)
5.rocky terrestrial planets (2 Words)
6.the angle above the horizon
8.a device that measures altitude
9.measuring distance by creating an imaginary triangle between an observer and an object
13.a celestial body that orbits a star
14.the distance from the ear (2 Words)
15.200-800 km above Earth (3 Words)
17.a model that places the Earth at the center of the universe
19.a device used to magnify dist
21.a device used to measure azimuth
22.sattelite-and-handheld locating system

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