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Chapter 4 - Vocabulary Review

Ms. Vincent

Review of Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

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2.What is left behind when a low-mass or medium-mass star dies.
5.___ brightness is how bright a star looks from Earth.
7.Uses powers of ten to write very large or very small numbers in a shorter form.
9.A star in its earliest stage of life.
12.These stars are only about 20km in diameter.
13.Our sun is one.
14.A huge group of single stars, star systems, star clusters, dust and gas bound together by gravity.
18.An extremely large, but fairly cool star.
20.A rapidly spinning neutron star that produces radio waves.
21.Imaginary pattern of stars.
23.____ brightness is how bright a star is measured from a standard distance away.
24.Our galaxy.
25.The apparent change in positions of an object when you look at it from different places.
1.The small, dense remains of a high-mass star after a supernova.
3.Device that breaks up light from elements into colors and produces an image like a rainbow.
4.This diagram shows the relationships between color, temperature, and absolute brightness of stars.
6.Most of the known stars fall along this in the H-R diagram.
8."The Hunter"
10.The ___ of a star depends on its temperature.
11.An enormously bright, distant galaxy with a giant black hole at its center.
15.Betelgeuse is a ___ star.
16.An object in space with gravity so intense even light cannot escape.
17.The brilliant explosion of a dying supergiant star.
19.The distance light travels in one year.
22.A large cloud of gas and dust in the universe which gives birth to stars.

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