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Ch. 3 - Part 2 - Review

Ms. Vincent

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1.Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune.
4.A streak of light in the sky that is produced when a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere.
6.The fuzzy outer layer of a comet.
8.Small thin disks of rock and ice that are found around the Gas Giants.
10.Its rings look somewhat like those of a compact disc.
12.He did not invent the telescope, but he did discover four of the moons of Jupiter.
13.______ conditions - what scientists feel are right for the development of life.
16.Life that exists other than that on Earth.
18.We are not sure if it is Pluto's moon or if Pluto is its moon!
22.On a comet, it usually points away from the sun.
23.A doughnut-shaped region that stretches from around Pluto's orbit to about 100 times Earth's distance from the sun.
25.It's not a planet anymore!
26.Pluto's current classification.
27.A hurricane that has raged on Jupiter with no signs of stopping.
28.The largest planet in our solar system.
29.Because it seems to have ice that melts and reforms, it is thought that microscopic life could form here.
2.Rocky objects revolving around the sun that are too small to be considered planets.
3.This moon of Jupiter has large active volcanoes.
5.Where we think most comets originate.
7.When a meteoroid actually makes it to the surface of the Earth before it completely burns up.
9.One of Jupiter's moons, its surface is icy and full of craters.
10.The surface of Jupiter is not ____.
11."of the earth"
13.Thought to be a large storm on Neptune, it has since disappeared.
14.Collection of ice, dust and rock that orbits the sun in a very elliptical orbit.
15.It's blue-green color is due to methane in its atmosphere.
17.He discovered Uranus, which started a new world-wide interest in astronomy.
19.It rotates on its side, probably because of a huge impact from a space object.
20.A chunk of rock or dust in space.
21.Hydrogen and _____ make up most of the Gas Giants.
24.Without this probe and its brother, we would know very little about the outer planets.

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