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dual meaning r/c aviation words

Bob Barnett of Reno R/C Club, Reno, Nevada

this is meant to pertain to r/c aviation but also to aviation in general...have fun

2   3     4
5     6     7            
    8       9
10   11    
12   13                
  18       19  
20 21          

2.Greek sandwich
5.fish ______
7.someone who gave away the punch line
8.boards used in fences
13.French for aviation body
14.bread with dinner
16.bats and owls
17.device used for chain rigging
18.device used to steer water craft
20.pilots often blame these for crashing
22.FPV uses this
23.listen to tunes on
1.object hit by racing planes often
3.tornado action
4.action used in fencing
6.unsuccessful opening line
7.type of fishing fly
9.where a horse is housed
10.the _________ behind the sticks
11.tool part that pounds nails
12.octet from Havana
13.feathers do this
15.unit of velocity used in maritme
19.sharp corner
21.hummingbirds do this

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