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AP Bio 1

Angie Despain

Made this to help me study for my AP Bio exam coming up. Anyone can feel free to use it!

1 2              
3 4    
5                                   6         7 8
        9       10
11       12                                              
  14                         15            
16                   17                
  19 20                   21                 22
28 29               30                          
        32   33      
  34 35                             36          
    37                     38
    39         40                     41    
45                               46 47        
                    48 49          
            51                       52            
            53       54              
55                           56                

2.point on a strand of DNA where RNA plymerase attaches to begin transcription
5.Some traits are the result of the interaction of many genes (2)
11.Five-carbon sugar that combines with additional carbon in Calvin cycle
12.White x Red = Pink (2)
13.gene that produces the repressor molecule
14.when two peptides combine to form a protein; level of organization.
15.cartilage, bone, and tendon are made up of this type of protein.
16.structures taht have a different function yet are similar in development
18.another name for condensation reaction (2)
20.phosphorylation that occurs without oxygen (2)
23.when one gene affects many phenotypes
24.Crossing an unknown genotype with a homozygous recessive organism to determine the unknown genotype.
25.Carboxyl group found in all amino acids
26.process in which light energy is used to make ATP
29.Bond formed when electrons are shared between two atoms
30.structures that have a similar function yet differ significantly in development
35.Old idea that living organisms come from nonliving matter
37.attraction formed between two oppositely charged atoms (2)
40.Chi-Square test measures this (3)
44.a form of endocytosis in which liquids are brought inside of the cell
45.one of the components of water potential. Always a positive value
48.infoldings of the inner mitochondrial wall
50.When one gene affects the expression of another gene
51.a molecule that has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions
52.bond formed between 2 amino acids
53.molecule that is recycled during the Kreb's cycle (ionized form)
55.random change in allele frequencies over generations; brought about by chance alone
56.jelly-like substance found in Cnidarians
57.infoldings of the inner mitochondrial wall
58.fluid surrounding the thylakoids
59.acronym for DNA fingerprint
1.Three-carbon sugar produced after three turns of the Calvin Cycle (2)
2.preparatory step before pyruvic acid can enter the Kreb's cycle (3)
3.one of the components of water potential-always a negative value(2)
4.the belief that major changes in the earth occurred by rapid, violent events
6.the systematic study of similarites and differences in the body plans between major groups (2)
7.gradual accumulation of differences in gene pools of populations or sub populations of a species after a geographic barrier arises and separates them (2)
8.condition in which two different molecules are transported through a membrane in the same direction at the same time
9.when populations are adapted to different microenvironments in the same habitat (2)
10.a stack of thylakoids
17.a severe reduction in population size brought about by intense selection pressure of some natural calamity (2)
19.only one kind of allele remains at a certain locus in the population and all individuals are homozygous
21.number of electrons the second energy level can hold.
22.solution that has less solute than the solution on the other side of a membrane
27.activation or inhibition of an enzyme by combining with another substance somewhere other than the active site (2)
28.On a Chi-Square chart, this value is always one less than the number of terms in the test (3)
31.carbon dioxide combines to form this in C4 plants (2)
32.space inside the thylakoid
33.the belief that major changes in earth occurred very slowly
34.has P700 as its reactive chlorophyll (2)
36.value determined by dividing the distance a pigment traveled by the distance the solvent traveled
38.Molecule that is converted to 2 atp during electron transport
39.bond formed in which electrons spend more time in some areas of the orbital than others (2)
41.a restriction enzyme that recognizes the same strand of DNA as another enzyme but cuts at a different place
42.name for light that is reflected back into atmosphere
43.process in which protons move through ATP synthase from an area of higher concentration (thylakoid) to an area of lower concentration (stroma)
46.all the genes on one chromosome make up this (2)
47.accessory plant pigment
49.water always flows INTO this type of solution
54.gene system that controls the turning on and off of genes

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