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Arthropods: Order Decapoda and Subphylum Uniramia

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6.corrosive chemcical used as a defensive mechanism in Diplopoda
7.1st and 2nd pair of appendages used for copulation in males and brooding in females, Decapods
8.gills that attaches to the coxa
14.complete metamorphosis in beetles, mosquitos, wasps and bees
16.pincers in Decapods, the first pair of pereiopods
18.animals capable of withstanding various salinities, usually Decapods and Callinectes
24.small food is absorbed and final digestion takes place, also site of enzme production
29.dance that shows a specific direction and distance from the hive, first noted by Karl Von Frisch
30.incomplete metamorphosis in dragonflys, stone flys, and damsel flys
31.found at the base of antennules and used for equilibruim in Decapods
1.direct development that is found only in Hemiptera
2.wing covers in beetles, located on the mesothorax, Uniramia
3.head appendage in Insecta that is similar to 2nd maxillae
4.pre-zoea stage in Peneaus that follows the Nauplis, lasts three instars
5.larval larval stage in Peneaus, equivalent to zoea in crabs
9.segments resulting from the fusion of adjacent segments with 2 pr of feet, 2 pr of gangalia, etc; found in Diplopoda
10.last larval stage before juvenile in saltwater Decapods
11.located at the base of walking legs and can pull water out of damp soil to branchial chamber, Decapods
12.2 gills that attach to articulating membrane, Decapods
13.pharamone the Queen produces that will be picked up by workers to inhibit growth of reproduction system
15.gas exchange system in Insecta that breaks down into trachial tubes and is open to the surface
17.gill that attaches to the body wall, Decapods
19.gills found in the branchial chamber that are an extension of the carapace
20.part of the digestive tract in Insecta that is used to grind up food
21.dance used by bees to show location of food close to hive, first noted by Karl Von Frisch
22.flattened appendages attached to the base of the 2nd maxillia that draws in water, Decapods
23.wins located on the metathorax and used to stabilize in flight
25.enriched diet given to bees for the first three days but it later restricted to workers
26.plankotic larval stage in Decapods that follows spawning and lasts 5-6 instars
27.larval stage that follows hatching in Peneaus, lasts 5 instars
28.larval stage that follows zoea in Decapods

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