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Avian Anatomy

Sheila Morales

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2.grinds the bird's food to make it more easily digested
4.Birds are designed for quick ?, thereby keeping them light
7.deliver oxygen-rich blood to the bird's muscles
11.a tendon is attached to the Pect. minor and ?, which raises bird's wings
12.birds are designed for quick ?
13.birds don't have strong ? muscles
16.breastbone of bird, similar to a ship's keel
18.similar to the internal cross bracing found in bones
21.birds inhale and exhale ? to move each breath
23.pertaining to birds
24.Birds will sometimes swallow ? to help with digestion
1.birds have air ?, that are like tiny tubes in which air flows thru
5.bird's hearts are much ? in relation to its body size
6.most powerful bird muscles
8.skull bones of birds are very ?
9.without these powerful things, birds couldn't fly
10.many bird bones are ?
14.this along with struts of bone, makes up bird's bill
15.Birds eat a lot because they need a lot of ? to fly
16.birds do not have ? glands in their respiratory system
17.Pectoralis ? muscles lowers the bird's wings in flight
19.a place which stores and moistens the bird's food
20.delivers oxygen-poor blood to the heart
22.air ? collect the air that the birds breathe

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