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Chapter 2 Bacteriology

Mrs. Carr

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3.harmful organisms that produce disease
6.the science that deals with the study of microorganisms
8.pathogenic organisms that require living matter for their growth
11.short rod-shaped organisms
13.bloodstream carries the bacteria and their toxins to all parts of the body
14.a virus that is transmitted through unprotected sex and sharing needles
16.nonpathogenic bacteria that lives on dead matter and does not produce disease
18.curved or corkscrew shaped organisms
1.living organisms so small that they can pass through the pores of a porcelain filter
2.the ability of the body to destroy bacteria that have gained entrance, and resist infection
4.type of immunity that the body develops after it has overcome a disease
5.harmless bacteria
7.a person who is personally immune to a disease yet can transmit germs to others
9.pus forming organisms that grow in bunches or clusters
10.one-celled microorganisms
12.hairlike projections
15.round shaped organisms
17.the virus that causes aids

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