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BI 101

1 2 3
4                     5 6 7  
  8           9 10
14               15                    
18     19 20 21  
23                   24                  
25             26                      
          27 28          
        29 30                
31       32              
33                 34                  
35         36              

4.group of vertebrates that require water to breed
11.group of arthropods that can have up to 200 legs
13."cold blooded"
14.phylum classification of a sea star
16.animals where the anus is the first opening to develop in an embryo
22.incomplete body cavity
23.group of vertebrates that were the first to lay eggs
24.egg-laying mammals
25.body type with paired body parts, with one on each side of the body (2 words)
28.type of vertebrate that has a bony scale covered shell
29.closest relative to the Plant Kingdom (2 words)
32.phylum classification of a sponge
33.phylum of invertebrates that have nematocysts
34.diploid stage in plants
35.only living animals to have feathers
36.pores on the leaf surface that controls water conservation
37.example of a non-vascular plant
38.animal with no body cavity
39.example of a seedless vascular plant
1.layer on plant leaves that restricts water loss (2 words)
2.group of arthropods that have eight legs
3.flowering plants
5.mesh of branched filaments that absorb nutrients in fungi
6.haploid stage in plants
7.seed-bearing non-flowering plants
8.complete body cavity
9."warm blooded"
10.organ that allows nutrients to pass between mother and embryo
12.the first animals are believed to have evolved frome these types of organisms
15.body type that has repeated body parts around a central axis (2 words)
17.phylum of invertebrates with a muscular foot
18.an important adaptation for bird flight (2 words)
19.no body cavity
20.types of animals where the mouth is the first opening to develop in an embryo
21.example of a jawless fish
26.phylum of segmented worms
27.pouched mammals
28.animals that walk on four legs
30.example of an unsegemented worm
31.ancient extinct relative of birds

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