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1 2            
  3             4     5
  6 7    
8       9                
    11       12
        16 17            

1.The entire protein complement of a given organism.
3.(4, 6) The ability to querying very large databases for knowledge discovery
9.____________ modelling refers to a process whereby the three-dimensional architecture of biological molecules is interpreted (or predicted), visually represented, and manipulated in order to determine their molecular properties.
10.(4, 9) A vast array of heterogeneous data stored in a single logical data repository for querying and manipulation methods.
14.The complete genetic content of an organism.
17.Any agent that can cause an increase in the rate of mutations in an organism.
18.A genetic alteration to a cell as a result of the incorporation of DNA from a genetically diferent cell or virus
19.The structure in the cell nucleus that contains all of the cellular DNA together with a number of proteins that compact and package the DNA.
20.The existence of a gene in a population in different forms
2.DNA molecules resulting from the fusion of DNA from different sources.
4.(2, 5, 5) The theme for the BioInformatics Symposium 2005
5.The joining together of separate DNA or RNA component parts.
6.(7, 8) The use of protein information to elucidate the genetic sequence encoding that protein.
7.A series of steps defining a procedure or formula for solving a problem, that can be coded into a programming language and executed.
8.The field of endeavor that relates to the collection, organization and analysis of large amounts of biological data using networks of computers and databases.
11.The assembly of complementary single-stranded RNA on a DNA template.
12.Any observable feature of an organism that is the result of one or more genes.
13.The complementary RNA copy of DNA formed from a single-stranded DNA template during transcription that migrates from the nucleus to the cytoplasm where it is processed into a sequence carrying the information to code for a polypeptide domain.
15.(5, 4) One of the 20 chemical building blocks that are joined by amide (peptide) linkages to form a polypeptide chain of a protein
16.All of the genes possessed by an individual, or in practice, the particular alleles present in a specific genetic locus.

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