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Cardiovascular System

Marissa Brito

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3.Electrocardiograms detect the condition of irregular heart beat.
5.A stable, unmoving clot in the artery.
7.A muscular pump to move blood.
11.Constiction and contraction.
12.Recieves blood from all veins below diaphragm.
15.Carries blood to your lungs to pick up oxygen.
16.Irregular heart beat condition.
18.Thinnest heart wall layer.
21.Delievers oxygen-poor blood from heart to lungs.
23.Carries oxygenated blood away from heart.
25.Distolic pressure + 1/3 pressure.
28.A fibrous mass forms at the top of it all.
30.Fluid pressure in the blood
31.Hearts largest artery.
33.Thickest heart wall layer.
34.Controls blood flow from the right ventricle into pulmonary artery.
36.Delivers oxygenated blood from lungs to heart.
38.Recieves blood from brain and tissues and head.
40.Relaxation and enlargement of vessels.
41.Excessed only, eating foods high in it.
42.Opens the way for oxygen-rich blood to pass from left ventricle into the aorta.
43.Carries blood away from the heart.
1.Delievers blood to neck, head, and brain.
2.Hyperstension and atherosclerosis.
4.Innermost heart wall layer.
6.Peak pressure that contracting ventricles place against the artery wall.
8.Services the incessantly active cardiac muscle cell of the heart.
9.the "channels" which carry blood away from all tissues.
10.More dangerous than Atrial Fibrillation.
13.Let's oxygen-rich blood from your lungs pass from left atrium into left ventricle.
14.Lowest Pressure.
17.Erythrocytes, filled with hemoglobin.
19.Walls of arteries to thicken and lose their elasticity.
20.Recieves blood from viens of upper body.
22.Delievers blood to upper extermities.
24.Help with blood clots
26.Increased flow resistance in arteries.
27.Regulates blood flow from right atrium and right ventricle.
29.Delievers blood to arteries leading to digestive track.
32.Thin-walled blood vessel.
37.Returns blood to the heart.
39.Consisting of liquid plasma and cells.

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