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Cell Parts and Cell Transport

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1.controls what enters and leaves the cell
5.material between the nucleus and cell membrane
6.the control center of the cell, contains DNA
8.found only in plants for structure and protection
9.controls what enters and leaves the nucleus
11.from a high concentration to a low concentration
13.requires no energy to move molecules across a membrane
16.the powerhouse of the cell
17.used to break down large particles for the animal cell
18.parts needed by the cell to function
19.synthesis of proteins
2.used to transport proteins
3.allows materials to flow through
4.use of energy to move molecules from low to high concentrations
5.organelle to organise the cell for reproduction
7.used to package chemicals
10.found only in plant cells for photosythesis
12.storage for waste products
14.dark matter of the nucleus that makes ribosomes
15.type of diffusion that uses water

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