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All About Cells

Ms. Satchell

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4.rigid, outer covering of a plant cell
5.the molecule that all living things have; provides instructions for making proteins
7.found in plant cells; holds water and other liquids
9.special vesicles in animal cells that contain special enzymes; destroy worn-out or damaged organelles
15.the organelle that produces ATP; considered the power plant of the cell
16.the power plant of plant and algae; contains chlorophyll
18.cells that have a nucleus
19.organelles inside the cell that make proteins
20.the internal delivery system of the cell; make lipids and breaks down drugs
1.a living thing
2.a change in an organism's environment that affects the activity of the organism
3.the total of all the chemical activities an organism performs
6.cells that don't have a nucleus
8.forms when part of the cell membrane surrounds an object and pinches off
10.structures inside of cells that enable them to live, grow, and reproduce
11.the maintanence of a stable internal environment
12.acts a a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cell's environment
13.processes, packages, and transports materials sent to it from the endoplasmic reticulum
14.holds the cell's DNA and controls its activities
17.the fluid and almost everything in the cell

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