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Mr. Valletta

3 4 5 6                      
  7     8         9   10            
11                                 12          
        16   17  
    18           19                  
21                         22
25                     26                      
    27 28    
29                 30                    

2.law stating that pairs of genes separate independently of one another in meiosis
6.the offspring of cross-pollinated P1 generation plants
8.a model used to establish the probabilities of the results of a genetic cross
11.a cross between individuals that involves one pair of contrasting traits
12.an alternative form of a gene
13.the external appearance of an organism that is determined by the individual’s genotype
14.a reproductive process in which pollen from one plant is transferred to the stigma of another plant
15.the field of biology devoted to understanding how traits are passed from parents to offspring
18.the probable ratio of genotypes produced by a cross
20.an inheritance relationship in which one allele is completely dominant over the other; both Bb and BB have the same phenotype
21.referring to a gene pair in which the two alleles code for the same trait
23.the transmission of traits from parents to their offspring
25.law stating that pairs of genes separate in meiosis and each gamete receives one gene of a pair
26.the number of times an event is expected to happen divided by the number of opportunities for an event to happen
29.the crossing of an individual of unknown genotype with a homozygous recessive individual to determine the unknown genotype
30.the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma of a flower of the same species
31.referring to an allele that masks the presence of another allele for the same characteristic
32.the genetic makeup of an organism
1.an inheritance relationship that occurs when both alleles influence the phenotype
3.a ratio stating the number of times a specific phenotype occurs in a population in a single generation
4.referring to a gene pair in which the two alleles do not code for the same trait
5.the study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes
7.a cross between individuals that involves the pairing of contrasting traits
9.in genetics, a category within which alternate characteristics, such as height and eye color, can be observed
10.pollination involving the same flower, flowers on the same plant, or two genetically identical plants
16.an inheritance relationship in which neither of two alleles of the same gene totally masks the other
17.the offspring of self-pollinated F1 generation plants
19.ability to always pass on a specific trait to offspring
22.denotes a plant that is pure for a certain trait
24.referring to an allele that is masked by the presence of another allele for the same characteristic
27.the male reproductive organ which creates pollen
28.the female reproductive portion of the flower that collects the pollen

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