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fundamentals of genetics

coryna clark

words from chapter 9

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1.___________mendel; entered a monastery in brunn, austria at the age of twenty one.
4.________ cross; a cross between individuals that involves one pair of contrasting traits.
9.when the two alleles in the pair are different.
11.reproduction that involves flowers of two separate plants.
15.self pollinated plants from the offspring of the parental generation.
16.law of ___________; states that a pair of factors is separated during the formation of gametes.
17.occurs when both alleles for a gene are expressed in a heterozygous offspring.
19.the likelihood that a specific event will occur.
21.a category within which alternate characteristics can be observed.
25.occurs when pollen grains produced in the anthers are transferred to the stigma.
27._______ square; used in predicting the probability that certain traits will be inherited by offspring.
28.the latin term for heredity meaning heirship.
29.law of ___________ assortment; states that factors for different characteristics are distributed to gametes independently.
31.mcclintock won the nobel prize for this in 1983.
33.DNA and proteins in a coiled, rod-shaped form that occurs durring cell division.
35.plants that are _______ for a trait always produce offspring with that trait.
36.male reproductive parts of a flower.
38."jumping genes" alter this in corn.
39.test in which an individual of unknown genotype is crossed with a homozygous recessive individual.
40.means plants that are pure for a specific trait.
41.__________ cross; a cross between individuals that involves two pairs of contrasting traits.
1.________ratio; the ratio of the genotypes that appear in offspring.
2.offspring of the parental generation.
3.__________ genes; mcclintock believe cause differences to appear in a plant's offspring.
5.when both alleles of a pair are alike.
6.__________ mcclintock; a graduated student of cornell university
7.__________ dominance;occurs when two or more alleles influence the phenotype, resulting in a phenotype intermediate between the dominant trait and the recessive trait.
8.cold __________ harbor; where mcclintock presented her discovery at a meeting of scientists from around the world.
10.the appearance of an organism as a result of its genotype.
12.occurs when pollen is transferred from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of either the same flower or a flower on the same plant.
13.parental generation.
14.__________ factor; factor for a specific charactistic.
18.what mcclintock was trying to lable the 10 chromosomes of.
20._________ dominance; one allele was completely dominant over another.
22.the genetic makeup of an organism.
23.mendels factors are now called this.
24.__________ factor; factor that has no observable effect on an organism's appearance.
25.__________ ratio; the ratio of the offsprings' phenotypes.
26.the actual name mcclintock gave to the "jumping genes".
30.the field of biology devoted to understanding how characteristics are transmitted from parents to offspring.
32.___________ genetics; the study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes.
34.the transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring.
37.female reproductive parts of a flower.

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