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human body systems

m. villanueva

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50                         51                  

1.a quick, automatic response to a stimulus; ex. blinking
7.stores urine
8.a group of different tissues that work together; ex the eye
9.a large muscle that contracts to allow you to inhale
13.the process of sperm joining an egg
16.helps protect the body from disease
17.a group of organs that work together; ex. nervous sys.
20.supports the body, protects internal organs, allows for movement
21.body defense against abnormal cells and pathogens; destroyed by HIV
23.oxygen-poor blood from the upper and lower parts of the body enters the heart here
29.oxygen-rich blood enters the heart here
32.the smallest blood vessels
35.carry oxygen-poor blood
37.pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs
38.eliminates liquid waste from the body
39.chemical formula for energy
41.contain hemoglobin that binds to oxygen
42.chemicals used to transmit messsages between neurons
45.exchanges gases for the body: takes in oxygen and release carbon dioxide
46.anything that triggers an immune response; ex. viruse, bacteria or other pathogen
47.transports oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells; removes waste
48.produces estrogen and progesterone; makes the egg
49.relays messages, processes information, and "thinks"
50.not under your control; moves food through the digestive tract
51.heart muscle
2.propels food from the mouth to the stomach
3.disease; an uncontrollable growth of cells
4.cells that transmit impulses/messages for the nervous sys.
5.produces insulin to regulate blood sugar levels
6.the basic unit of living things
10.proteins that recognize and bind to antigens
11.found only in the heart
12.filters waste from the blood
14.the largest organ in the human body; part of the integumentary system
15.most chemical digestion and absorption of nutrients occurs here
18.consists of all the nerves that are not part of the brain or spinal cord
19.attached to bone; responsible for voluntary movement
22.breaksdown food; absorbs nutrients; eliminates solid waste
24.produces testosterone; makes the sperm
25.works with skeletal system to produce movement; helps circulate blood
26.pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body
27.controls growth and development using hormones
28.makes red blood cells and some white blood cells
30.removes water from undigested food
31.a barrier against bacteria; protects against ultraviolet radiation
34.tiny air sacs
36.guard against infection, fight parasites, attack bacteria
40.a group of cells that perform a single function; ex. blood
43.carry oxygen-rich blood
44.prevent blood from flowing back into the atria; ex. mitral

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