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Human Genetics

Jennifer South

1 2
3 4                
6                               7
8                               9                 10    
11 12                                          
  14   15                                    
      17                           18  

4.chromosomes that is not is a sex chromosome
5.set of photographs of chromosomes grouped in order in pairs
6.One of two chromosomes that determine an individuals sex
8.alleles that are capital letters and causes some genetic diseases
9.Process of changing the gene
12.On going effort to analyze the human DNA sequence
13.A genetic disease that causes mucus to build up inthe lungs and air passages
14.A genetic disease that causes RBC to formed like cresents
16.analysis of sections of dna that have little or no known function
17.error in meoisis in which homologous chromosomes fail to seperate
19.disorder tha occurs on chromosomes during meiosis
20.chromosomes associated with males
21.If two copies of an autosomal chromosome fail to seperate during meiosis
1.Sex-linked disorder that results in the progressive weakening and loss of skeletal muscle
2.chart that shows the relationship within a family
3.alleles that are one capital and one lower case letters that work together
7.chromosome associated with females
10.the groups that decide blood type
11.lower case letter that are generally associated with genetic disorders
14.gene located on the x or y chromosome
15.a sex linked trait that does not allow you to see color
18.sex-linked trait causes people not to produce clotting protiens

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