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Veronica Diaz

2 3                     4 5            
7                   8 9       10           11   12
  14                             15      
  16                   17              
18                 19               20      
    21             22          
24           25              
  26                             27        
  28                 29
31 32             33 34  
  36             37  
      38                             39              
41                             42              
    45     46               47       48   49  
    50 51 52               53    
58                   59          

3.evaluates the overall process of hemostasis
5.permanent surgical connection between an artery and a vein
7.the study of the immune system
9.determines the volume of red blood cells
13.portion of a sample
14.developing red blood cell
16.blood fats
18.elevated levels indicate pancreatitis
19.state of equilibrium in the body
21.protein substance produced in the coagulation process to form the foundation of a clot
24.unit of measure assigned to the diameter of a needle
26.component of fresh plasma that contains clotting factors
27.area of the needle point that has been cut on a slant
30.pertaining to the treatment of children
32.blood vesel carrying deoxygenated blood from the tissues to the heart
35.determines the percentage of different types of blood cells
38.one-cell organism such as bacteria,fungus,parasite,or virus
39.enzyme that converts fibrinogen to fibrin
41.another name for antibody
42.one-cell microorganism
43.microorganism requiring oxygen to survive
44.elevated levels indicate intoxication
45.medical care that does not meet a reasonable standard and results in harm
47.pertaining to the first 4 weeks after birth
52.primary sugar in the body
54.failure to perform duties according to accepted standards
56.the physical,chemical, and microscopic analysis of urine
57.study of the formed (cellular) elements of the blood
58.substance that destroys or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
59.protein that initiates chemical reactions
1.procedure that detects the presence of microorganisms
2.destruction of red blood cells
3.major blood lipid
4.accumulation of fluid in the tissues
6.red blood cells
8.the study of bacteria
11.tube inserted into the body for injecting or withdrawing fluids
12.principles of personal and professional conduct
15.determines the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells
17.written evidence
20.the study of serum
22.supbstance that stimulates the formation of antibodies
23.documentation assuring that an individual has met certain professional standards
25.conduct and qualities that portray a professional
28.the study of microorganisms
29.anticoagulation monitored by the activated partial thromboplastin time
31.process by which a program or institution documents meeting established guidelines
33.microorganism that does not survive in oxygen
34.pertaining to turbitity from lipids
36.substance that destroys or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
37.anticoagulant monitored by the prothrombin time
40.circulating protein converted to fibrin in the coagulation process
46.protein converted to thrombin in the coagulation process
48.elevated levels indicate severe liver disorders
49.free of contamination by microorganisms
50.discoloration produced by leakage of blood into the tissues
51.white blood cell
53.protein produced by exposure to antigen
55.presence of pathogenic microorganisms

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