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Life Science

Mrs. Frey

How well do you know life science?

1     2           3     4 5
8 9        
  13   14           15        
          16 17
  19 20 21    
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1.The fusing of an egg and a sperm to make a new organism
7.The process of pollen being transferred from one flower to another
11.A part of the cell that ALL cells have
12.All the male parts of the flower put together
14.The male sex cell
15.The part of the flower that becomes a fruit
18.A device used to predict offspring features
22.A cell with no nucleus
23.The part of the seed that provides food to the growing plant
24.The process of a plant first starting to grow from a seed
25.The "weaker" version of a trait
26.A trait that is found on the sex chromosome
2.A part of the plant where the plant stores extra sugars
3.The response of a plant to a stimulus
4.During mitosis, this needs to dissolve
5.The base pair that always pairs with Guanine
6.The organelle that converts sugar to energy
8.The organized version of DNA
9.The organelle involved in photosynthesis
10.When you have two identical copies of a gene
13.The building blocks of protein
16.The goo inside a cell that holds everything together
17.One of the things needed for photosynthesis
19.A process of cell division that makes sex cells
20.All of your chromosomes put together
21.In a flower, this contains the male sex cell

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