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Marine Science- Chapter 2 & 3 Review

Ms. Spicknall

-This crossword covers vocabulary that you should know from chapters 2&3 in your text. -If you need to, refer back to your text to answer any clues you can not remember. -An answer may be single or multiple words in length. -If an answer consists of more than one word, place a dash in between the words or leave a space. -This crossword will be turned in and you will be quized on the material next class meeting.

1 2 3 4 5
    13           14                            
    15       16  
  19 20     21   22 23              

6.Deep-sea hot springs laden with dissolved minerals/nutrients from the earth's mantle (2 words, 1 space)
10.Deflection of large scale motions such as winds or currents (2 words, 1 space)
11.Boundaries between continental crust and oceanic crust (2 words, 1space)
13.Away from the wind, waves settle into these
14.Downward movement of a plate into the mantle (2 words, 1 space)
17.Extension of a continent underwater, has a gentle slope, and varies in width (2 words, 1 space)
18.The chemical or physical breakdown of rocks
23.Loose material like mud and sand that settles on the ocean floor
24.Multiple deep-sea fans that have merged together will form this (2 words, 1 space)
25.Oceanic crust consists mostly of this mineral
26.Name of the "supercontinent" originally proposed by Wegener
1.Continuous submarine range of volcanic mountains that run throughout the ocean basins (3 words, 2 spaces)
2.Salinity is expressed using these conductivity measurements (3 words, 2 spaces)
3.Process by which the sea floor moves away from the mid-ocean ridges to create new sea floor (3 words, 2 spaces)
4.Attractions between liquid water molecules that affects the freezing and thawing of water (2 words, 1 space)
5.Uppermost part of the mantle
7.Submarine volcanoes (1 word)
8.Caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun and by the rotation of the earth, moon, and sun
9.Highest part of a wave
11.Begins at shelf break and descends to deep-sea floor (2 words, 1 space)
12.Biogenous sediment is often referred to as this because it consists of the preserved remains of dead organisms (mostly tiny ones)
15.Plastic layer of upper mantle
16.Continental crust consists mostly of this mineral
19.Volcanic island chain associated with trenches (in general, 2 words, 1 space)
20.Mass per unit of volume
21.Difference in water level between successive high and low tides
22.Area of consentrated volcanic activity

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