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Mendel and Heredity

Emily McLeod

1                         2    
4                                         5
      6 7
    13   14 15                      
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19   20                                          

1.genes with three or more alleles
4.a trait that is intermediate between parent and offspring
9.offspring of F1 generation
12.first two indivivuals
15.if the alleles are different then the person is know to be a what
17.a cross in whoch an individual is crossed with homozygous recessive individual
18.all offspring displaying only one form of a certain trait
19.the passing of traits
21.when a trait is influenced by several genes
23.physical appearance of a trait
24.is a trait whose allele is located on the X chromosome
2.states that the alleles of different genes separate independently of one another during gamete formation
3.cross that involves one paor of contrasting traits
5.likelihood of something happening
6.if two alleles of a gene present are the same they are know to be a what
7.biology that focuses on heredity
8.the expressed form of the trait
10.states two alleles for a trait separate then gametes form
11.offspring of the P generation
13.dominate alleles are expressed at the same time
14.a set of alleles that some one has
16.a diagram that predicts outcomes
20.not expressed
22.different versions of a gene

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