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Mendelian Genetics

Lesley Urasky

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 9, Holt Biology (2006)

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4.A trait that over-rides another trait; usually the darker color.
5.Pea pods look like they have been
7.Flowers found only at the ends of pea plants are _____ in location.
9.An individual has both dominant and recessive alleles for a trait.
11.An example is BB or bb.
13.This law states that a pair of traits are separated during gamete formation.
15.The law of _____ assortment shows that traits produced by dominant factors won't always appear together.
16.True-breeding plants are also known as _____.
17.Dihybrid crosses track ____ characteristics
19.This cross only considers one trait.
22.The number of traits that Mendel observed in his pea plants.
23.This is what you look like.
24.Trait that appears in the F2, but not the F1 generation.
25.The process of passing on characteristics.
26.Is that guinea pig homozygous (BB) or heterozygous (Bb)? I'll have to do a _____ to find out.
27.The F1 and F2 generations are also known as _____ generations
1.Heterozygous and homozygous phenotypes are indistiguishable from each other in this kind of dominance.
2.Diagram used to figure out a testcross.
3.The law of independent assortment occurs during this phase of meiosis
5.This type of pollination is achieved by manually transferring pollen between plants.
6.The law of segregation occurs during this phase of meiosis
8.The chance that an event will happen.
10.This pea color is dominant.
12.Probability can be expressed as a ______, a ratio, or a fraction.
14.This is your GENETIC allele arrangement
15.Crossing red flowers with white flowers can result in pink flowers if this kind of dominance is true.
18.The country where Mendel was a monk.
20.Pea plants usually reproduce using this type of pollination; Mendel used this to create the P generation
21.Two or more alternate forms of a trait.

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