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Cell Mitosis

M. Pasquale

Stages and terms dealing with Mitosis of the cell.

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1.an exact copy of the parent cell, only smaller
3.chromosomes line up on the equator of the cell and attach to the spindles
5.basic unit of all living things
6.surrounds the nucleus to hold the genetic material of the cell; appears and disappears during mitosis phases
7.forms between two daughter cells at the end of telophase in plant cell mitosis
9.guides the chromosomes movement during mitosis
11.reproduction of the cytoplasm
12.spindle fibers disappear and the nuclear membrane reappears to form two new daughter cells
13.cell division in which daughter cells are formed that are exact copies of the parent cell
14.functioning part of the cell
15.organelle that organizes the cell for reproduction
16.fully developed cell ready to undergo mitosis cell division
17.organelle that contains the genetic material in the cell and controls the cell activities
2.paired chromatin that are like copies of DNA
4.chromosomes separate and migrate to opposite sides of the cell towards the centrioles
5.process by which a cell divides and forms two new cells
7.attaches the chromatin into homologous pairs and attaches the chromosomes to the spindles
8.first stage of mitosis where the chromosomes become shortened and doubled
10.longest part of cell cycle which is a period between cell division in which all cell processes occur with the exception of reproduction
11.threadlike structure in the nucleus that is made up of DNA and protein

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