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Robert Lewis

To assist students undertaking ITEC Diplom in SPorts Massage

1 2               3 4 5
6                   7 8    
    10 11                                
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  16                         17
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  20         21        
24 25                                
    27 28                 29  
32                       33                            
  34       35                    

2.Connects bone to bone
6.Weak elbow extensor
9.Moving away from the midline of the body
11.Plantaflexes and inverts the foot
13.One of the hip flexors
14.Rectus Abdominus origniates here
15.Towards the front of the body
16.Muscle has three parts, part of which stabilises the scapula
18.Inserts into superior angle of scapula
20.A sack like structure filled with synovial fluid
22.Haematoma in muscle injuries, contained within the muscle compartment
25.Draws the arm forward and inward
28.Originates in the anterior, superior iliac spine and part flexes hip
31.Extends the knee
32.Origin of Gracilis
33.Flexes knee, inwardly rotates it when flexed and extends hip
35.contraction with muscles shortening as the fibres contract
36.originates at C6/7, braces and rotates scapula
37.Pronates foot and assists in plantaflexion
38.circular movement
39.When a muscle maintains the same length as tension develops
1.Inflammation of the tendon
3.Initates shoulder abduction
4.Inserts into the ulna tuberoisty
5.Muscle responsible for abducting the hand
7.Abducts hip and slight flexion and inward rotation
8.Muscle fibres suited to producing lower levels of speed over a sustained period
9.Muscles that run the length of medial border of femur
10.Originates on the anterior surface of the scapula
12.Supinates the forearm
17.Extends and rotate head
19.Otherwise known as the rowers muscle
21.Originates at 3-5th ribs
23.Quadratus Lumborum (Abb)
24.Muscle that flexes wrist and fingers
26.Outwardly roates and abducts the hip
27.Inserts in Gt trochanter of femus and part flex and inwardly rotates hip
29.3 headed muscle, part of which responsible for abducting the arm
30.Decreasing the inner angle of the joint
34.Plantaflexes the foot

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