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Tania Jackson

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3 4                  
  5           6 7
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1.principal pigment of plants and other photosynthetic organisms
4.first step in releasing the energy of glucose, i which a molecule of glucose is broken into two molecules of pyruvic acid
5.region outside the thylakiod membranes in cholorplasts
8.one of the carrier molecules that transfers high-energy electrons from chlorophyll to other molecules
10.second stage of cellular respiration, in which pyruvic acid is broken down into carbon dioxide in a series of energy-extracting reactions
15.one of the principal chemical compounds that living things use to store energy
17.process that does not require oxygen
19.amount of enegy required to raise the temperture of 1 gram of water by 1 Celsius degree
2.reactions of photosynthesis that uses energy from light to produce ATP and NADPH
3.saclike body in chorloplats made of photosynthetic membranes thata contain photosystems
6.large protien that uses energy from H+ ions to bind ADP and phosphate groupo together to produce ATP
7.process that releases energy by breaking down food molecules in the presence of oxygen
9.organisms that make thier own food
11.process by which cells release energy in the absence of oxygen
12.process by which plants and some other organisms use light energy to power chemical reactions that convert water and carbon dixide into oxygen and high-energy carbohydrates
13.reactions of photosynthesis in which energy form ATP and NADPH is used to build high energy compounds such as sugars
14.obtain energy form the foods they consume
16.electron carrier involved in glycolysis
18.light-absorbing colored molecule

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