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Plant Vocabulary

BI 103

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3.Response to changes in the length of a day
11.Cylindrical grouping of phloem and xylem (2 wds)
14.Conducts nutrients throughout the plant
15.Plants with vascular bundles that are organized in rings and netlike leaf veins
16.Lengthening of young shoots and roots (2 wds)
18.Thickening of stems and roots (2 wds)
19.Lateral meristem that forms a cylinder inside older roots and stems (2 wds)
23.Pores on the leaf surface that control water conservation and gas exchange
24.Type of tropism that can cause vine tendrils to wrap around an object
28.Swollen mass of bacteria infected root cells
29.Dead tissue at maturity that supports the vascular tissue
31.Region of undifferentiated cells
32.Haploid form of a plant responsible for pollen production
33.Soil that is nutrient, oxygen and water rich
34.Plant Hormone that stimulates ripening of fruit
35.Period of arrested growth that is triggered by environmental cues
36.Fiber that is the main component of sclerenchyma
37.Moist still-functional xylem between heartwood and cascular cambrian
38.Single layer of cells that secrete the waxy cuticle
39.Male part of a flower
1.Cycle of activity throughout a 24 hour period (2 wds)
2.Plant hormone that stimulates seed germination and cell division in the stem
4.Plant response to sunlight
5.Seed containing mature ovary
6.Plant system that carries water and nutrients throughout the plant (2 wds)
7.Female portion of a flower
8.Nutrient essential for seed and flower production
9.Photosynthetic petal responsible for protecting the flower's reproductive parts
10.Conducts water and minerals throughout the plant
12.Plant Hormone that stimulates fruit development
13.One of three nutrients that are never deficient because of abundance in the atmosphere
17.Plant system responsible for photosynthesis, structural support and nutrient storage (2 wds)
20.Stretchable tissue that supports rapid growth
21.Animals that are attracted by bright petal colors such as red and purple
22.Tissue that makes up most of the soft primary growth
25.Photosynthetic tissue
26.Mutualistic relationship between roots and fungus
27.Portion of wood that consists of clogged xylem that strengthens and darkens the wood
28.Fine extensions that increase surface area of the root system (2 wds)
30.Plants that have vascular bundles scattered vascular bundles and parallel leaf veins

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