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The Plasma Membrane


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1.membrane lipid having an organic section attached to a phosphate group; a polar "head" attached to fatty acid "tails"
4.diffusion of substances across a selectively permeable membrane
5.organelle of some protists that collects excess water from then cell, then contracts and expels the water through a plasma membrane pore
7.a solution in which the concentration of dissolved substances is the same as the concentration of dissolved substances inside the cell
8.condition of continuous movement but no overall change
10.a solution in which the concentration of dissolved substances is greater than the concentration of dissolved substances inside the cell
11.proteins embedded in the lipid bilaryer of the plasma membrane to move ions and molecules across the membrane
12.property of the plasma membrane wherein many similar molecules are free to move sideways within their lipid bilayer
15.passive transport of materials across the plasma membrane by way of transport proteins
16.process resulting from a drop in turgor pressure as a result of water loss in a cell; the cell shrinks away from the cell wall
17.internal pressure of a cell due to water held there by osmotic pressure
18.diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane
2.property of a plasma membrane that maintains the cell's homeostasis by taking in needed substances, eliminating wastes, and preventing harmful substances from entering
3.a solution in which the concentration of dissolved substances is less than the concentration of dissoved substances inside the cell
6.process by which large particles enter the cell
9.process requiring energy by which cells move materials against a concentration gradient
13.process by which the cell expels large particles
14.net, randome movement of particles form an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration

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