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Reproduction Terms Word Puzzle

Martis Buchholz

36 Reproduction Terms

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2.I am a reproductive organ in animals
3.I am secreted by the corpus luteum
4.Grains in plants that contain male gametes, you can find them in anthers
5.I am strong, hardy, and long lasting. This makes me a very favored one-celled reproductive cell
6.Two totally different anatomical structures that discent from the same chromosome
8.A laboratory procedure done in test tubes and petri dishes
11.I am a hapliod only produced in meiosis
15.I only develope in plant ovaries
16.This happens around once a month when the uterine lining changes excreting the waste
17.Fetus's grow and develope here
19.I am a cell that isnt used for reproduction
21.I create the opposite cells to what testes create
23.I am a cell with only one set of chromosomes
24.I am a life cycle that has asexual and sexual forms
26.I am the opposite of heterosexual
27.I am when gametes join inside the female body
30.I am the opposite of testosterone
31.My main bodily function is to carry eggs away from the ovary
32.Sperm is created here
33.I occur in the prophase 1 phase of meiosis
1.Female breasts are perfect examples of this sort of characteristic
2.Another term for pregnancy
4.When I hit this stage I can reproduce
7.Two successive cell divisions that produce gametes
9.I am the main female organ of a flower
10.I am when the pollen of one plant meets the carpel of another plant to fertilize
12.I am a fertilization that occurs outside of the two opposing gamete sexes
13.I am when cytoplasm makes a tube between two cells to exchange chromosomes
14.I secrete female hormones and I am made from the waste of ovarian follicles
18.I am a cell with two set of chromosomes
20.Traits that distinguish one organism from another in genes
22.I am called this process when an egg cell is let go from an ovarian follicle
25.I am the place where paired chromosomes touch
28.Male gametes form in me
29.I am an exact copy with the exact genes

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