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Respiration Terms

Ms. Andrews - SBI 3U

Please find important terms for this unit in the crossword below. Enjoy! :)

1 2 3 4 5
      6           7                   8      
      9     10    
        14     15  
18 19                  

6.The process of using oxygen and glucose to produce ATP energy for our cells.
11.The chest cavity.
16.Small branches off of the bronchi.
17.The process of exhalation. (releasing air)
19.The movement of gases between the external environment and the respiratory membrane of living things.
20.Also known as the "voice box" this double sheet of elastic ligaments vibrate to produce sound.
21.The amount of air that can forcibly be exhaled after a normal exhalation.
1.A flap-like, cartilaginous structure that covers the opening of the trachea when food is being swallowed.
2.The movement of a gas from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
3.The maximum amount of air that can be exhaled.
4.A thin, fluid filled membrane that surrounds the outer surface of the lungs and lines the inner wall of the chest cavity.
5.The amount of air that can forcibly be inhaled after a normal inhalation.
7.Tiny sacs of the lung in which the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and blood occur.
8.The amount of air inhaled and exhaled in a normal breath.
9.Tiny blood vessels that surround the alveoli and are the sites of fluid and gas exchange.
10.All of the processes that supply oxygen to the cells of the body.
12.The process of inhalation. (taking air in)
13.The opening that branches of the pharynx and carries air from the mouth to the lungs.
14.A dome-shaped sheet of muscle that separates the organs of the chest cavity from the organs of the abdominal cavity and regulates pressure in the chest.
15.Tiny hair-like protein structures found on cells that line the trachea. They function to sweep foreign debris out of the respiratory tract.
18.The passageway from the trachea to the right or left lung.

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