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Phylums Sipuncula, Bryozoa, and Brachiopoda

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3.chemical that provides oxygen to Sipuncula
5.site of egg brooding in Bryozoans that is an extension of the zooecium
9.another modified appendage in Bryozoans that cleans off detritis by vibrating
11.cells in Brachiopods that contains hemorythrin to transport gases
12.hollow, ciliated tentacles around mouth in Bryozoans and Brachipods
13.opens to the tentacular sheath to allow for fertilization, Bryozoans
14.cleans off detritis and any settling larval stages, has a bird-like head
16.larval stage that follows zygote in Bryozoans, modified trocophore for settling
1.Process by which all soft parts of the body are dissenigrated and reformed, Bryozoan
2.asexual reproduction which forms on funiculus and designed for hasrsh conditions, freshwater Bryozoans
4.larval stage that sometimes, but not always, follows trocophore in Sipuncula
6.connected to other zooids to transfer food to colony in Bryozoans
7.cystid encasement that houses the animal in both autozooids and heterozooids in Bryozoans
8.modifed for cleaning the colony in Bryozoans
10.feeding members of Bryozoans colonies
15.fixed on body wall or free roaming cells used to engulf waste particles, Sipuncula

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