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Chapter 21 Vocab

Harrison McCullough

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2.A compacted strand of RNA that infects organisms.
6.When a pathogen successfully invades and multiplies within a host.
8.Structures that release spores that are made by bacteria.
10.An epidemic that spreads over a large area, encompassing multiple countries.
12.Archaebacterium that lives in surprisingly hot habitats.
14.A prokaryotic domain/kingdome that includes methanogens, halophiles, and thermophiles.
16.A gene transfer mode for Prokaryotic cells.
18.A deadly new pathogen.
20.A prokaryotic cell shaped like a sphere.
21.An infectious, disease-causing microorganism that multiplies rapildly within its host.
22.A prokaryotic cell whose shape has twists in it.
23.A flagellum on a bacteria that differs from eukaryotic flagella in that it rotates like a propeller.
24.When viral DNA is integrated with host DNA and can be innactivated for a while but eventually replicated.
26.Rapid reproduction of viruses that concludes with lysis of the virus' host cell.
32.An organism too small to be seen without a microscope.
33.A single cell organism that lacks membrane-bound organelles and includes archaebacterium and eubacterium.
34.A type of virus that targets bacteria cells.
35.A prokaryotic cell that is rod-shaped.
36.When a sample of cells is stained to see whether they are gram-positive or negative.
1.An anaroebic arcaebacterium that produces methane.
3.When a pathogen disrupts bodily function due to the immune system not being activated soon enough.
4.A small, infectious protein that attacks the nervous system.
5.Damage to the cell membrane, wall, or both, which releases cytoplasm and kills the cell.
7.A quick spread of and retreat of a disease in an area.
9.A double-stranded DNA molecule with a few proteins and is circularized.
11.Archaebacterium that lives in strangely salty habitats.
13.A structure that includes some cytoplasm and duplicate of the cell's chromosome formed by some bacteria.
15.A cyanobacterial cell that makes a nitrogen-fixing enzyme when there is a lack of nitrogen.
17.A comparison of traits used to find the degree of relatedness of an unidentified organism and a known group.
19.A type of cell division specific to prokaryotic cells.
25.A circular, seperated strand of DNA that is replicated seperately of the chromosome.
27.A capsule that forms a layer around a bacterial cell wall and is made of a sticky mesh.
28.A prokaryotic cell that has a nucleoid.
29.A certain type of organism that is too closely related the type which it is compared to to be considered seperate species.
30.An infectious agent that is non-living and is replicated through gene transfer into its host.
31.A rigid plate that provides structure and support its cell.
33.A short protein, shorter than a flagellum, that helps a cell stick to surfaces.

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