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Organization Unit Review

Ms. Jennifer Boyd

1 2
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  25                     26
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  33               34  
35       36  
  37                   38 39              

3.Kingdom with Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals
8.Animal cells have this, Plant cells do not
10.Responsible for modern scientific names format: Genus species. (hint: taxonomist)
11.Current time period
13.Green pigment in plants, captures sunlight
15.The main source of energy
16.Founder of modern Geology
21.Lab equipment used to see microorganisms.
23.Outer membrane of an animal cell
25.Scientist who described geologic history throu geologic events
28.Animal cell's energy producer
29.Visual representation showing evolution of a derived characteristic
31.Cell that does not have a nucleus
33.Age of Reptiles, major extinction event
37.Kingdom with E. coli
39.Two or more subunits, made up of amino acids
40.Circular DNA found in Bacteria
41.Does not belong to any of the six kingdoms
1.Age of Fish and later Age of Amphibians
2.Eye protection in lab.
4.Attaches lipids and carbohydrates to proteins
5.Cell that has a nucleus
6.Plant cell's energy producer, uses sunlight
7.Kingdom with Bread mold, Mushrooms, Yeast
9.Kingdom with members living in extreme environments
11.Outer membrane of a plant cell
12.Contain genetic information
14.Theory of Evolution scientist. (hint: Galapagos Islands)
17.What is another term for an organisms job?
18.Building blocks of proteins
19.Relies on other resources for food
20.Last thing to do after completing a lab.
22.Earth was formed in this era
24.Creates their own food
26.Organelle that controls the cell
27.Type of evolution in which two non-related organisms develop similar features with similar functions
30.An educated guess
32.Cell>Tissue>Organs>Organ Systems>__________
34.Kingdom with members found mainly in water
35.A supported hypothesis
36.The study of life
38.Unsaturated or Saturated

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