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Financial Aid


Financial Aid

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4.A schedule of repayment which includes payments of principal and interest
6.An undergraduate student under the age of 24 and not married
7.Interest on loans that accumulates and must be paid at a later date
11.Interest rates that change according to government guidelines
13.Clause in which a portion or all of a student's loans may be cancelled
16.Interest that is computed on both the original interest and accrued interest
18.The release of loan funds to the school for a student
20.The failure to meet the conditions of repayment of a student loan.
22.Short for Student Aid Report-reports information from the FAFSA
23.Aid which is based on an achievement such as academica or athletics
25.The main form needed to complete a FAFSA
27.The period of time usually consisting of 2 semesters or 3 trimesters
28.Short for American College Test, needed for admission to most colleges
29.The financial institution that makes a loan
30.Short for Expected Family Contribution the family/student is expected to contribute
31.Aid awarded based on academic, athletic, or community involvement
32.A specified period during which a borrower does not have to repay a loan
33.The amount of funds borrowed
34.A program available where students work to help pay college expenses
35.The period of time after graduation but before repayment begins.
36.The person who takes out a loan and is responsible for repayment
1.Student who is over age 24 or has dependants
2.Funds borrowed to help pay for college
3.Aid such as Pell that does not have to be repaid
5.Short for Free Appplication for Federal Student Aid
8.Process of combining several different loans into one loan
9.A legal document that is a promise to repay a loan
10.The basis for need-based financial aid.
12.The difference between financial need and estimated financial aid
14.Financial holdings such as cash, stocks, home, and other real estate
15.Amount charged on a loan for the use of funds
17.A processing fee charged by the lender to make the loan
19.Amount returned to the student if they have more aid than expenses
21.Any type of financial assistance available to families and students for college
24.A college's notification of financial aid qualification.
26.What a college charges for attending their institution

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