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International Business

A. rubner

Review of terms relating to International Business Grade 12 Course

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4.countries in the process of becoming industrialized
5.the reliance of two of more groups to fulfill needs
7.ability to provide for all of your need without outside assistance
8.activities that individuals or groups perform to assist individuals
9.outperformance of competitors in many areas
12.the kinds & quality of goods and servicesw people can afford
14.total value of goods and serviced produced in a country during a specific period
15.cost per item to go down when produced in large quantities
16.open sharing of information within a company
17.selling goods or services to another country
18.2 or more business combining assets for mutual gain
19.communication across distance
22.new product based on a creative idea
23.change that extends an initial concept
1.control or own production, distribution outside your country
2.raw materials, semi manufactured items
3.a company authorizes a group to sell its goods or services
6.Alliance of European contries
10.buying goods or services from another country
11.a tax imporsed on goods or service
13.the growth and spread of international businesses
20.Free trade agreement between Canada, USA & Mexico
21.money or other assets available for investment

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