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Market research

Martin Ortega

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3.This can be information gathered from many sources, including suppliers, customers, and distributors.
4.They collect data at one point in time from one sample of respondents.
6.To undertake marketing effectively, businesses need
10.This is often the case in smaller businesses. Here, marketing staff do the research themselves. Sample sizes tend to be small
11.is about measuring a market and quantifying that measurement with data.
12.Units in the population can often be found in certain geographic groups
15.is about investigating the features of a market through in-depth research that explores the background and context for decision making.
16.interview the same sample of people, repeatedly
17.Here an interviewer spends time in a one-on-one interview finding out about the customer's particular circumstances and their individual opinions
19.is concerned with forecasting markets in total.
20.is the total volume that would be bought by a defined customer group, in a defined geographical area,
21.In some circumstances, businesses often need to undertake specific studies to support their marketing strategy
22.could also be geographical; for example postcodes have become a well-used means of selecting a sample.
23.is the company’s share of market demand.
24.covers the method of selection, the sample structure and plans for analyzing and interpreting the results.
25.is a more conservative estimate of the expected volume of sales.
1.This is about determining a product’s market share in a particular industry and considering what will happen to that market share in the future.
2.E.g. sales, orders, customer profiles, stocks, customer service reports etc
5.Uses those who are willing to volunteer
7.It is possible to buy intelligence information from
8.are rare in business markets, unless the customers are small businesses.
9.For any sample design deciding upon the appropriate_____ ______ will depend on several key factors
11.can also be used to measure customer attitudes, satisfaction, commitment and a range of other useful market data that can tracked over time.
13.can also include techniques such as usability testing, brainstorming sessions and "vox pop" surveys.
14.are the mainstay of consumer research
18.are formed by recruiting large numbers of households who provide information on their buying over time

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