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Business Finance

Tom Kaletta

Crossword Puzzle Of Business Finance Terms

1 2 3
4                                       5  
6         7                 8        
9 10                        
      11                     12
13                   14        
  15   16                      
17                 18                   19            
20           21                 22      
  23   24            
25             26                   27     28
              29     30  
          35     36        
    39                   40  
42 43                      

4.Money owed to a company by its customers.
6.Has many years of accounting service with a company / trains new satff as they come in.
10.The ability of a company to convert assets into cash or cash equivalent instruments.
11.Amount remaining after taxes have been deducted from the gross income.
13.Philosophy described when someone else's money is used to buy or finance a business.
16.The money investment that an owner has in a business. Also called: OWNER'S EQUITY.
17.When more money comes into a business than goes out.
19.The money that is invested in a business venture.
21.Business costs that fluctuate from one time period to another.
25.An accounting staff person with relatively few years of service in the company.
31.Assets that are expected to be turned into cash within a year.
33.Difference between sales revenue and cost of goods sold.
34.The amount of actual money that travels thru a company's receiveable system.
35.Money left after all operating expenses have been paid.
37.Money received in a business from all sources minus expenses but before taxes.
39.The total amount of sales in a company for a given period of time.
41.Amount of monet left after expenses ( labor-overhead-mfg costs-marketing ) have been deducted.
43.Tangible property used in the day to day operation of a business.
44.Describes a number before any deductions have been made.
1.What it takes financially to support a given level of sales.
3.The point where total revenues equal the total costs.
5.Individual(s) who have the responsibility related to the oversight of money or property.
7.Net profits kept in the biz as opposed to being paid out to the owners.
8.Debts that are owed by a company to its vendors and suppliers.
9.A company's debt that will be paid back in less than a year.
12.A one word description of wehat a company owes its creditors/vendors. Also called DEBT.
14.Refers to the title of CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER in a company.
15.Owned item that has commercial or exchange value
18.Refers to a company's CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.
20.Represents the amount of actual cash that a company has at any given point in time.
22.Refers to COST OF GOODS SOLD.
23.Assets whose value changes/adjusts over time.
24.Company's debt that will be paid back in more than one year.
26.Difference between an asset's purchase price and selling price when the gain is positive.
27.Concept that a product or a fixed asset will lose value the older it gets.
28.Business operating costs that always remain the same/constant.
29.Refers to a company's CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER.
30.Broad brush economic forces that affect a company's success and growth.
32.The chIEf accountant in an organization.
36.Application of economic principles to maximize the wealth and fiscal health of an organization.
38.Number that remains after deductions have been made from the GROSS amount..
40.Chief Fiscal / Finance Officer in an organization.
42.Refers to a company's BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

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