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A Few Things Canadian

Elaine Toonders

Test your knowledge of Canadiana

2                       3
4   5          
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23                     24 25      
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  34 35                  
36                 37
    38 39 40            
42   43         44 45       46      
47         48                   49     50  
        51     52  
53             54                

2.Canada's breadbasket Province
5.Origin of the name Canada
6.A refined metal exported from Canada
8.Mike Lazaridis invented this
11.Another name for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
12.A main ingredient in Maple Fudge
14.A large island in the Arctic
17.Number of Canadian Provinces
20.An unusual name for a place in Canada
23.Capital of Canada
25.Colour of a five dollar bill
27.Beacon along the coastline
29.Father of Standard Time
30.Interjection at the end of a sentence
32.World's largest island in a freshwater lake
33.Elephant killed in St Thomas
35.Site of the 2010 Olympics
36.Skate in winter boat in summer on this canal
40.A French-Canadian dish
41.Discovered insulin
42.With leaf is the emblem on a Canadian flag
45.Home of the Stampede
47.Wild Goose Jack
48.Home of the longest ski season in North America
49.Landscape sculpted by water
53.Writer of The Hockey Theme song
54.Province where the capital city is located
55.Home of the Klondike Gold Rush
56.The Forest City
57.Canada's current Prime Minister
1.This city has the tallest hydraulic liftlocks in the world
3.Jazz singer
4.Twenty-sixth letter of the alphabet
7.Canadian painter and writer
9.Bird on the one dollar coin
10.An affectionate description of nationality
13.Bear on the Toonie
15.Industry on both East and West coasts
16.Slang for Tim Horton's
17.Freshwater SCUBA diving capital of the world
18.The highest mountain in Canada
19.Economic centre of the Maritime Provinces
21.Used to measure distances
22.To fake out but often used as slang
24.Canada's third and newest Territory
26.Last name of a Canadian singer
28.Canada's geographical size ranking in the world
31.City Winnie the Pooh was named after
34.Largest Province
35.Capital city of British Columbia
37.Symbol on a nickel
38.Canada's Arctic peoples
39.Region famous for Ice Wine
43.Colour of a ten dollar bill
44.Superstar hockey player
46.Author Margaret
48.Topic included in most conversations
50.Island where the horses run free
51.Played on ice
52.Sovereign of Canada

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