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Keith Nielson

Engine componets and operating systems.

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1.stroke of the engine after fuel is ignited in the cylinder
4.ethylene glycol
5.the stroke of the engine that expells burnt gases
9.abbrev. end of travel of a piston at the bottom of a cylinder
11.used in battery electrolyte
13.abbrev. single cam inside engine head
16.series of parts that open and close valves
17.basic framework of the engine
19.abbrev. alternative automotive fuel
20.device to transmit electricity to a commutator
22.stroke of the engine from BDC to TDC after intake stroke
23.abbrev. two cams inside engine head
24.key-off battery load
28.abbrev. ampere rating of a battery at zero degrees F
30.devise used to discipate heat
32.surface that the valve face makes contact with when closed
33.reservior for engine oil
35.pivot point of a piston and connecting rod
37.cylindrical machined opening in an engine block
38.starter componet that engages the flywheel
39.practice of protecting yurself and others
2.corn based alcohol fuel
3.passage in the engine block that transports oil to the cam and crankshaft
4.current that change directions predictably
6.when the lead sulfate remains on the plate in a battery
7.devise designed to establish base timing of spark ignition
8.the bearings that carries the crankshaft
9.color of ground for DC current
10.rotating part of starter that contains coil windings
12.componet that houses the intake and exhaust valves and ports
14.ring fitted into a piston used to form a sliding seal and prvents blowby
15.sytem that removes heat from an engine
18.abbrev. device to measure electrical potential, current, and resistance
21.fluid inside a battery
22.shaft having a series of ecentric lobes for opening of the valves
25.number of cells connected together in series in a battery
26.abbrev. end of travel of a piston at the top of a cylinder
27.series of copper segments placed side by side to form a ring on an armature
29.i.e. nut, bolt, screw, rivet used to hold parts together
31.leakage of air around a piston
34.lever used to open valves
36.opening or jet which fuel passes to be discharged

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