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Michelle's Automotive Crosswords

Author: Michelle McCutchon

Basics of Automotive Class

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5                     6
    7 8          

1.a gear system that drives both axels at the same time, but allows them to rotate at different speeds when turning a corner
4.a piece of metal turned on a wheel to keep it on the vechicle
5.a device that uses gears and torque conversion to change the ratio between the engine RPM and driving wheel RPM
7.a device containing one of more cells that produce electricity through electrochemical action
9.ethylene glycol of other liquid used in a cooling system
10.protective device that interrupts current flow if an overload condition is in a circuit
11.a way to start a car with a weak battery with the use of cables
12.a generator in which current is changed to direct current
2.a system that sprays gas directly into the cylinders
3.a rod used to measure the amount of liquid in a system
6.an electric motor which uses a geardrive to crank the engine
8.a pleated paper element, used to trap dirt, dust, etc from entering the inside of the engine
9.shafts used to transmit driving force to the wheels

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