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Do You Know Your Model A Ford Engine?

Roderick R. Deily, Ford Technical Advisor

1 2 3
4         5      
  7                 8          
  10               11    
15               16      

4.Allows for heat expansion in the cylinder
6.Connects battery terminal to starter
7.Ammeter shows high charge requiring an adjustment to this component
8.Measurement describing Ft./Ibs.
10.1-2-4-3 represents what order
12.Used to secure hose sections to radiator
13.20 bolts securing this item to bottom of engine
15.Horn is inoperative due to a dirty
16.Type of tank holding 10-11 gallons
17.Tool used for thread repair
18.Used to drain water from radiator
1.Should never be laid on its side
2.Every fuel stop, you should check level
3.Valve spring compressor removes these
5.Half–round type of gasket in front of oil pan
6.Contains throat, float and jets
9.Engines backfires due to defective part
10.Aligns to the end of the crankshaft flange
11.Used to measure oil in pan
14.Contains tubes in rows

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