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Motorcycle Safety

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1.Adjust the ________ to see the lane behind you and as much of the lane next to you before starting to ride.
5.Riding a motorcycle is more ________ than driving a car.
7.The Motorcycle Safety ____________ teaches rider safety classes in the knoxville area.
9.The ability to ride aware, make critical ________, and carry them out is a responsible rider.
12.In traffic motorcycles need as much distance to stop as _____.
14.Stop get off and take a rest break every _____ hours.
15.Helmeted riders are ______ times more likely to survive head injuries than if not wearing helmets.
16.The best protection you can have from other vehicles on a motorcycle is __________.
20.For the beginning or experienced _________ nearest you call (800) 446-9227. (2 words no space)
23.As a rider you cant be sure that other _________ will see you.
24.Alcohol will slow and impair bodily _________.
25.More than ____ of all crashes occur on motorcycles ridden by motorcycle operators in the first 6 months.
2.Use four steps for better turning control: Slow, Look, Lean, _____.
3.A variety of other factors may influence the level of alcohol _________ in your body.
4.Experienced riders seldom ride more than ______ hours a day.
6.Use _____ brakes every time you slow or stop.
8.Alcohol may still ________ even if you drink one drink an hour.
10.Added assurance of motorcycle helmet quality in addition to DOT approval.
11.Most crashes happen on ______ trips.
13.Accelerating gradually through a turn will ___________ a motorcycles suspension.
14.Scan your path of travel ________ seconds ahead.
17.Ride through the _________ as quickly as possible. (2 words no space)
18.To "be visible" wear proper ________.
19.No one is immune to the effects of ________.
21._______ the brake lever and never grab.
22.Within minutes of being consumed alcohol reaches the _____.

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