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Tire terms

Mr.van der Wouden

Tire terms chapter 65

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1.The ______ inflation pressure is printed on the side of the tire indicates the highest pressure that should be pumped into the tire.
4.Tire rolling ___ is a measurement of the amount of friction to road surface.
6.Todays tires are ____ tires which form an airtight unit with the rim.
9.A drop _____ wheel is commonly used on passenger vehicles because it allows for easier installation and removal of the tire from the rim.
10.Wheel weights are small lead (or steel) weights that attach to the rim to balance the tire and prevent _______,
11.Tire markings on the ____ of a tire give information about tire size, load carrying ability, inflation pressure, number of plies, identification numbers,quality ratings , and manufacturer.
14.A ____ stem snaps into a hole in the wheel of a tubeless tire to allow inflation and deflation.
16.The maximum load rating of a tire indicates the amount of ____ a tire can carry at recomended inflation pressure.
17.Run-flat tires have an extremely ____ sidewall construction so they are still usable with no air pressure.
18.on most american made vehicles lug ____ hold the wheel and tire assembly onto the vehicle
19.Trailers manufacturers specifically do not reccomend using type of tire on their trailers.
2.a tire pressure ________ system can detect low tire pressure.
3.Some high end tires are self ______ and do not go flat when punctured.
5.The ___ ratio, or height to width ratio is a acomparison of a tires width and height.
7.A ___ bias tire is a mid range tire with extra belts added to increase tread stiffness.
8.These tires are recycled old tires with new material applied to the outside of previously worn tires.
12.Tire size is given on the sidewall as a ____ number sequence on the DOT#.
13.A ____ ply tire has plies running straight across from bead to bead with stabilizer belts directly beneath the tresd.
15.A ___ ply tire has plies running at an angle from bead to bead.

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