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Kathrina D. Castillo

Chemistry 40 Review Activity

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2.sugars with free anomeric carbons
11.one of the first trioses in which glucose is split into
14.a non-reducing disaccharide
17.a carbon with four different substituents
18.an enzyme which has the heme group and functions to transfer electrons from CoQH2 to cytochrome c
20.the final molecule produced in the citric acid cycle
21.this is produced whenever a dehydration reaction takes place
23.formation of "new" glucose
26.the enzyme responsible for the formation of L-malate
28.the bond which links two sugar units
30.one of its unit is integral to the membrane while the other unit is projecting outwards which has the catalytic site
31.also referred to as the complex I oxidoreductase
33.the acivity of this enzyme in the ETC does not produce enough energy to contribute to proton gradient
34.sugar groups which differ in configuration about only 1 atom
35.the enzyme which can produce only one form of isocitrate from citrate
36.respomsible for sore muscles after a heavy physical activity
37.an enzyme inhibited by high amounts of glucose-6-phosphate
1.can be cleaved to produce glucose in case blood glucose get depleted
3.a molecule which is converted to glyceraldehyde phosphate in the presence of triosephosphate isomerase
4.can be digested by ruminants because of cellulase
5.this is teh usual type of redcing agent in redox reactions
6.the portion of starch whose units are linkd via a(1,4) linkages and has one reducing end
7.the cycle which is the modification of the citric acid cycle where the an enzyme known as isocitrate lyase participates in
8.proteins cotaining covalently-linked oligo-or polysaccharide units
9.pyruvate + CoASH = ?
10.carbohydrate which serves energy storage in plants
12.has high energy bonds and serves a sthe energy currency of the cell
13.an ________ pathway is a biosynthetic pathway
15.process producing ethanol from pyruvate
16.this is produced when pyruvate kinase acts on phosphoenolpyruvate
19.the oxidase known as complex IV in ETC
22.a disccharide with glucose and galactose units
24.GDP is required in the formation of this intermediate in Krebs cycle
25.loss of a carbon group is evidenced by the production of this molecule
27.the barnched portion of starch
29.this molecule is split in a process known as glycolysis
32.made of N-acetylglucosamine units

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