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Things are Starting to Heat Up!

Darlena Yin

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1.The __________ __________ __________ is the temperature at which the liquid and gas have a vapor pressure equal to 1 atm.
5.__________ __________ is the amount of energy needed to change a substance from a soild to a liquid and vice versa.
7.What is liquid water freezing into a solid piece of ice and example of?
9.The __________ point of water is at zero degrees Celcius.
12.What happens to high energy particles that approach the surface?
13.__________ __________ is the energy of motion, observable as the movement of an object, particle, or set of particles.
14.A substance that consists of individual molecules held together in the solid by relatively weak intermolecular bonds is called a __________ __________.
16.What is the point at which the substance cannot liquify anymore? (also known as the point of no return)
21.What type of intermolecular force holds polar molecules together?
22.The particles that make up a __________ vibrate in place and create a definite shape.
24.__________ __________ is the amount of energy a substance needs to change from a liquid to a gas state and vice versa.
28.The __________ __________ is where all 3 phases of matter are at equilibrium.
29.The particles of a __________ move freely and bounce off one another.
30.What type of intermolecular force holds non-polar molecules together?
31.A __________ __________ shows the temperature vs. time for a substance where energy is added at a constant rate.
32.When ice melts into water, it is visible that __________ has occured.
33.When ice is __________, a phase change occurs.
2.The __________ __________ __________ is the temperature at which the solid and liquid have a vapor pressure equal to 1 atm.
3.__________ __________ are bonds between molecules.
4.Stronger forces between molecules require a greater amount of __________ to separate.
6.A solid that has the properties of a metal is called a __________ __________.
8.A substance's __________ __________ determines how fast of how slow it cools or heats up.
10.__________ __________ is energy stored in an object waiting to be used.
11.The higher the __________ __________ of a liquid at a given temperature, the lower the normal boiling point.
15.The particles of a __________ slide past each other and take the shape of its container.
17.__________ occurs when a gas forms into a liquid.
18.A __________ __________ shows different phases at different temperatures.
19.A __________ __________ is an atomic solid containing strong directional covalent bonds.
20.The __________ __________ holds together H, N, O, and F atoms.
23.What phase change does a gas go through to change directly into a solid?
25.Whan there's a change in state, there is no change in __________.
26.__________ occurs when the gas pressure equals the atmospheric pressure.
27.A solid made up of ions held together primarily by their electrostatic is called an __________ __________ ?

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