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The Periodic Table of the Elements

D Wright - Physical Science

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53                         54   55  

1.Element with an atomic mass of 12.011
5.Group 1 or 1A are called the __________ metals.
8.Which is the more reactive metal, rubidium or magnesium?
12.The only metal that is a liquid at room temperature.
13.Copper is an example of a ____________ metal.
18.This metalloid is important to the electronics industry.
19.The most reactive nonmetal.
21.This nonmetal is the most common element in the Earth's atmosphere.
23.The most abundant element in the Earth's crust.
27.Oderless, colorless and nonreactive. (2 words)
29.Used in the rechargeble batteries.
30.Nobel gases have a full __________ energy level.
31.This metalloid has been used in poisons and insecticides.
33.These elements have 7 valence electrons.
35.The columns are referred to as ____________ .
36.Group 17 or 7A are called the __________.
37.Used with carbon to make steel.
39.The most abuntant metal in the Earth's crust.
42.Five cents.
43.Does selenium have more in common with sulfur or bromine?
45.The ancient Greek who first proposed the existance of atoms.
47.How many metalloids are listed on the periodic table?
50.The rare earth elements are placed below the periodic table to make the table more _________.
52.As you move from left to right across the periodic table the _______ ______ gets smaller. (2 words)
53.As you move from left to right across the periodic table the _______________ energy of the atom will increase.
54.Las Vegas uses this innert gas a lot to make brightly lit signs.
56.Named after the creator of the periodic table.
57.First to invent a usable periodic table of the elements. (2 words)
1.Except for water most of the compounds in your body contain this element.
2.This element has the same number of valence electrons as magnesium and beryllium.
3.Atoms in the same ________ have the same number of valence electrons.
4.The most reactive metal.
6.Superman might avoid this one.
7.The horizontal rows are referred to as ____________ .
9.Atoms that have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons.
10.Elements in the same group have similar _______________ .
11.This family contains two elements often found in plant fertilizers.
14.Most nonmetals are either a solid or ________ at room temperature.
15.The electrons in the outer energy level of an atom.
16.Subatomic particle with a negative charge.
17.Subatomic particle with a positive charge
20.The only nonmetal which is a liquid at room temperature.
22.Differences in reactivity among the akaline earth metals are shown by ways they react with water.
24.Most people put great value in this transition metal.
25.These elements have characteristics of metals and nonmetals.
26.Has 19 protons
28.The symbol for this element is Na.
32.This family contains the element upon which all life on Earth is based.
34.Most elements are some type of __________.
38.Subatomic partile with a neutral charge
40.How many periods does the periodic table have?
41.This number tells you how many protons are in one atom of an element. (2 words)
43.Almost all metals are ________ at room temperature.
44.Group 2 or 2A are called the _______________ metals.
46.Means "a repeatable pattern".
48.Uranium is an example of a ________ ________ element. (2 words)
49.The element with the the smallest atom, yet the most abundant element in the universe.
51.The symbol for this element is Sn.
54.On the periodic table elements are arranged by increasing atomic ____________.
55.Family with a member which is important for resipration and another for producing compounds which are real stinky.

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