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Chapter19 Key Terms

Cho, Jae-Eun

Extra Credit Chapter19 Key Terms

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6.A very well mixture.
9.The way in which acids react with some metals so as to eat away the metal.
11.A mixture that has so much solute in it that no more will dissolved.
12.Rain that is more acidic than normal rainwater.
14.An ionic compound that can form from the neutlization if an acid with a base.
16.A substance that tastes sour, react with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus red.
17.A reaction of an acid with a base, yielding a solution that is not as acidic or basic as the starting solutions were.
19.A messure of the concertration if hydrogen ions in a solution
21.A mixture in which more solute can be dissolved.
22.A negative charged ion made of oxygen and hydrogen, OH-.
1.A mixture that has little solute dissolved in it
2.A measure of how well a solution can dissolved in a solvent and that is dissolved at a given temperature.
3.A mixture that has a lot of solute dissolved in it.
4.The part of a solution present in the largest amount and that dissolves other substances.
5.A positively charged ion (H+) formed of a hydrogen atom that has lost its electron.
7.The process that breaks down complex molecules of food, such as polymer, into smaller molecules, such as monomers,
8.The physical process that tears, grinds, and mashes large food particles into smaller ones.
10.Teh process that breaks large food molecules into smaller molecules.
13.A compound that changes color in the presence of an acid or a base.
15.A mixture in which particles can be seen and easily separated by settling or filtration.
18.A substance that tastes bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus blue.
20.The part of a solution present in the lesser amount and that is dissolved dy the solvent.

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