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Chemistry Terms Review

PHHS - Mr. Macasaet

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1.Unit of temperature used for gas law computations.
5.A solution having a high amount of the solute.
6.Smallest unit of a compound.
8.A helium nucleusis also referred to as a/an _____ particle.
9.Elements having the same atomic number but different atomic masses.
11.The mass of one mole of a compound is its _____ mass.
12.Functional group found in aldehydes.
13.The dense center of an atom
15.The only element having no neutrons.
18.Showed the realtion between number of molecules and volumeat constant temperature and pressure.
20.The substance that dissolves in a solution.
21.Type of reaction where carbon dioxide and water are produced.
22.The atomic number indicates the number of _____.
23.Process that Carbon undergoes so that it can form 4 covalent bonds.
27.The scientist credited with the discovery of the nucleus.
28.The group of elements needing only one electron to be stable.
29.Solution concentration given in moles solute per liter of solution.
31.The process of changing coefficients in a chemical reaction.
32.The vertical column on the periodic table.
33.What happens when a container of gas is opened.
34.Reaction that happens in the sun.
35.Solution where no amount of solute can further dissolve.
36._____ chemistry deals with carbon-containing compounds.
2.Electrons in the outermost energy level are called _____ electrons.
3.Reaction _____ are steps that chemical reactions follow.
4.Occurs when acids and bases react with each other.
7.Bond that exists between two non metals.
10.Mixtures that are homogeneous.
14.Result of gas molecules hitting the walls of a container.
15.The element that has the smallest atomic size.
16.Process where molecules on the surface of a liquid are bumped out into the gasoues state.
17.Elements in the d-block are also called _____ metals.
19.Proton donors.
24.Substituted hydrocarbons containing the hydroxyl group.
25.Elements that border the zigzag line on the periodic table.
26.The horizontal row on the periodic table.
30.Credited with the discovery of charges in an atom.

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