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chemistry: chapters 2,4 (matter and atoms)

Mr. Blevins

review of notes on chapters 2 and 4.

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1.a difference in _____________is used to separate a mixture.
11.all elements in a vertical column have similar
14.the three subatomic particles.
16.Rutherford's famous experiment
18.the smallest part of an element that retains its identity
21._____________________physical properties depend only on the type of matter.
22.Dalton said atoms of different atoms combine in ___________________ratios to form compounds.
23.1/1800 the mass of a proton
24.___________properties can be observed without destroying a substance.
25.Rutherford's nuclear model did not account for this
27.vertical columns are called
29.__________________discovered the electron.
31.protons plus neutrons
32.first suggested that atoms exist
33.Rutherford discovered that atoms have a ___________
34.Dalton viewed atoms as ______________
35.two or more substances physically blended
2.says that in any chemical reaction the mass of the reactants and products must be the same
3.contains only one type of atoms
4.Atoms are mostly ________________
5.a ____________can be separated chemically into its elements.
5.made of two or more elements
6.determined the mass of the electron
7.not uniform throughout
8.arranges elements in order of increasing atomic number
9.these have about the same mass
10.Proposed the first scientific model of the atom.
12.The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom is called the
13.In a neutral atom the number of _________________equals the number of ____________________.
15.alpha particles are
17.producing a gas, color change, emitting heat or light,
19.Thomson's model of the atom
20.Observing a ____________________property always changes a substance into a new substance.
24.horizontal rows are called
26.________________physical properties depend only on the amount of matter.
28.same element with different numbers of neutrons
30.a homogenous mixture is also know as a _______.

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