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Chem Practice Test

Gina M Carfagno


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4.Control reaction to contain reaction and neutrons; good at absorbing neutrons
7.With regard to nuclear fission is it still true that matter (mass) is always conserved in a chemical reaction? Why or why not? Hint: there is an equation on this test you may use to support your answer).
10.The species that is the same as a helium nucleus with atomic number 2 and mass number 4
15.This molecule has double bonds
16.These are proteins that act as biochemical catalysts that are used to increase the rates of chemical reactions
17.In a ? reaction, the electrons are on the right-hand side, and the oxidation number increases
19.These are enriched uranium sources
20.This type of battery is rechargeable
24.The fraction of mass that is converted to energy in a nuclear reaction is approximately
26.? fats are oils at room temperature
27.What functional group is R-O-R'?
29.This molecule has no double bonds
31.What functional group is R-O=C-OH?
32.These semiconductors result in a negative charge because there is an extra electron; occurs when the element doped with the element is on the right of that element
33.The amount of fissionable material required to sustain the reaction
35.Which one of the following is the odd one out? Galvanic cell, electrochemical cell, voltaic cell, or battery?
36.Anode is the ? end
38.Complex carbohydrates are called...
40.You may or may not be familiar with a vegetable oil named Crisco. The manufacturers of this oil also sell a solid version of this oil to be used as margarine. What process was used to convert the oil to a fat (solid)?
42.These semiconductors result in positive charge because there is a missing electron, and the element is doped with an element on the left-hand side of that given element
43.Flow of electrons
48.? is defined as a reaction involving the splitting of a larger nucleus into smaller ones with the release of energy
51.The penetration ability of the alpha and beta particles and the gamma rays in increasing order is
54.The function of the PEM in a fuel cell is to allow H+ ions to pass through, but prevent ? from passing through
55.This is a fever reducer
56.What type of cell has a PEM?
57.In a ? reaction, the electrons are on the left-hand side, and the oxidation number decreases
58.Converts energy in chemical reaction in spontaneous chemical reaction into electrical energy
59.What functional group is R-OH?
1.? fats are solids at room temperature
2.What functional group is R-O=C-R'?
3.cathode is the ? end
5.What is considered to be a true battery?
6.The ? in a galvanic cell is the site where reduction takes place
8.Nuclear reactions differ from "ordinary" reactions in several ways. One difference between them is a significant amount of _____ is converted into energy
9.In this kind of reaction used in the formation of polymers, a water molecule is removed to form another bond with carbon to link the chain and elongate it
11.The ? in a galvanic cell is the site where oxidation takes place
12.This question is a ? reaction : Fe --> Fe2+ + 2e-
13.The penetration ability of the alpha and beta particles and the gamma rays in decreasing order is
14.Mono and dissaccharides are...
18.Enriched uranium is used in nuclear reactors. Which one of the following statements is true concerning enriched uranium? Enriched uranium contains ? % U-235?
21.The Einstein equation E = mc2 relates mass to energy. The term ? is the speed of light, which is 3x10^8 m/s
22.Two versions of uranium that are commonly used in nuclear reactors are U-235 and U-238. There is clearly some difference between these two forms of uranium. This difference may be described as U-235 has three neutrons less than U-238, they are ?
23.What type of cell is fueled by hydrogen gas?
25.The usual name for this common polymer is poly(ethylene terephthalate). The functional group that forms this linkage and is circled (O-C=O)
28.When uranium-235 is bombarded by a neutron, the following reaction occurs 1n0 + 235U92 --> 141Ba56 + 92Kr36 + 31n0. You will notice that for each atom of uranium that is bombarded by one neutron three neutrons are produced. Why is this important in terms of nuclear reactors? What is it?
29.The element Ge (germanium) may be classified as a ?
30.Electrical energy is converted to chemical energy in this type of cell
34.Enriched uranium is used in nuclear reactors. Which one of the following statements is true concerning enriched uranium? Enriched uranium contains about ? % U-238?
37.This molecule has carbon ring structures that are linked (2 of them)
39.What functional group is R-O=C-O-R1?
41.This molecule has an NH2 molecule in its chain
44.water that can conduct electricity
45.What is the main practical disadvantage to using a fuel cell in an automobile?
46.The species that has an atomic weight of 0 and above a charge of -1 for one electron
47.This is a pain reliever
49.The following statement regarding photovoltaic cells is correct: ? are similar to photovoltaic cells
50.What functional group is R-NH2?
52.This equation is a ? reaction? 2H+ + 2e- --? H2
53.What functional group is R-O=C-R'?

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