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Water Water Everywhere Reading x-word

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5.What property of water allows plants to ground completely underwater?
6._______ water is the type of water present in over 90% of the world
8.Water extinguishes fire by removing heat through ______
9.water molecules are ________ which means it is magnetic.
11.Another name for the watercycle
12.70% of fresh water is consumed by what?
17.The water cycle includes precipatation, runoff, ground water, and this.
19.Water appears on the plant in all three states of _______.
21.At around 4 degrees celsius water is at its maximum ______ . The reason why ice floats.
24.If you burn hydrogen, you get what as the end product?
29.For a metal to cause an explosion by interacting with water it must be ________ . Makes hydroxides
30.What is the strip of land that is covered during high tide and uncovered during low tide called?
31.nonpotable water is ____ ____ for drinking.
32.juice is what state of matter
33.When different things dissolve intowater you can change how it ______ and how it _______. Think Consumption
34.Water is _________ . Adhesion
35.212 degrees F is the ________ ________ of water at sea level.
36.Water in liquid and ice form tend to have a slight ______ hue
1.Evidence suggests that jupiter's moon ______ and saturn's moon _____ have liquid water under the surface.
2.Water moved up the paper towel in the lab because of surface tension. Movement is sometimes called _______ ________.
3.Water is made up of what?
4.Clouds are what state of matter
7.What happens to strong UV light when it hits water?
10.Humans prefer cold water to lukewarm because it contains less
13.1 cc (cubic centimeter = milliliter) of water is the standard mass of a single ______
14.Water condenses into ____________ in the galaxy. Eventually form stars, nebulas, and galaxies.
15.Water vapor and Carbon Dioxide provide a temperature buffer AKA ________ _______, that prevents temperature extremes.
16.The name of the process that uses sunlight to split water to make sugar.
18.What is scarce: amount of water or potable water
20.Name of the process that makes water by burning carbohydrates to make energy.
22.By removing water, you can make proteins, carbohydrates, triglycerides. These are all types of ______________
23.The magnetic properties of water then to make it stick together. This gives water a high level of _________ __________
25.All major cell components can be __________ in water.
26.Water covers ____% of the Earth's Surface
27.Majority of water on Earth is in the form of ________ .
28.rock or ice is what state of matter

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